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F100 Ghost Sharper Image Camera Drone Best Price Ads

F100 Ghost Sharper Image Camera Drone Best Price

Sharper image camera drone – F100 Ghost Drone with Camera – 1080p Go Pro Drones for Adults and Kids – RC Brushless Drone with Go Pro Camera Mount, Long Range & Extra Battery


F100 Ghost Sharper Image Camera Drone Best Price
F100 Ghost Sharper Image Camera Drone Best Price



Product Features


  • 1080P HD CAMERA DRONE: Detachable multi-use HD drone camera captures crisp photos and video
  • MAX FLIGHT TIME: Brushless motors power flights up to 15 min.; far more than many other drones with cameras
  • FLY UP TO 500 METERS AWAY: Maintain 100% control over your F100 Ghost Go Pro drone on long-distance recon
  • BONUS BATTERY: Cruise twice as long with this drone with video camera
  • DRONES FOR ADULTS AND KIDS MAKE THE PERFECT GIFT: 1080p Action Camera and GoPro-compatible mount make this a versatile HD video drone with camera – great for holiday entertainment


Product descriptions


Description :

Enjoy the Perks of Flying Without the Expensive Training

For those with a deep fascination of aeronautics, but have never had a chance to fully live your dream, our F100 Ghost Drone is for you. You can finally let the pilot inside of you earn those wings with this awesome drone with camera!


Cherish the Memories From Your Next Vacation Like Never Before…

Can you imagine the stunning difference an aerial view of the Grand Canyon makes? Now you can remember the experiences from your vacations like never before as you capture incredible footage high above the ground with your camera drone. Make sure to pack your Force1 Quad Drone for your next trip, and preserve those memories with fresh, new lenses.


Longer Flight Time + Amazing Video Quality= Happy Pilot

Our Force1 Ghost Drones with cameras are every drone pilot’s dream. Enjoy longer flight times with the powerful brushless motor, and extra battery included with your purchase. Plus, the high-end 1080P HD Action Camera delivers unparalleled aerial photography and video quality. And, you can swap out the detachable 1080p drone camera on this Go Pro drone with any compatible Hero Go Pro camera. The high performance is in the details.


Perfect Control for Beginners and Pros

This is a great drone for adults, beginners and professionals, alike. The controls are very user-friendly for easy flight control. Which means you get to start enjoying your Force1 Ghost Drone right out of the box, with less crashes and without the steep learning curve. You are in for the ultimate flying treat!


Some Awesome Features Worth Mentioning


Versatile Mount: Easily attach the included 1080p HD camera to the mount. Or, you can attach a Go-Pro Hero 3 or 4 camera, if you prefer.


Powerful Brushless Motors: Enjoy increased stability, fast speeds, and cool stunts.


Great Visibility: The bright white color and LED light

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F100 Ghost Sharper Image Camera Drone Best Price

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